One Of A Kind

A collection of pieces, that have been created as part of our exploration and experimentation with design, pattern and shape.  These pieces stand alone and wont feature in other collections.

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The Big Tomato Red Vase


Big and bold tomato red colour vase

The Aubergine Vase


Aubergine shape and colour vase

Simple Turquoise Tear Drop Vase


Simple turquoise teardrop vase

Sea Greens and Blues Vase


A gorgeous, large decorative vase

Sea Greens and Blues Med Vase


A lovely curvaceous decorative vase

Pink and White Marbled Vase


A large, yet delicate decorative vase.

Meadow Slant Vase


Capturing the feel of a spring meadow, a ...

Just a Big Green Vase


Just a big green vase!

Hyacinth Meadow Cylinder Vase


A lovely cylindrical blown glass vessel that ...

Grey and Silver Leaf Vase


Grey/green and silver leaf vase

Green Tear Drop Vase


Jewel green teardrop patterned vase

Green and Pink Fade Drippy Vase


Green and pink fade drippy vase

Gold Topaz Tear Drop Vase


Gold topaz teardrop patterned vase

Gold Ruby Tear Drop Vase


Jewel pink teardrop patterned vase

Blue Meadow Cylinder Vase


A slender cylindrical blown glass vessel that ...

Blue and Pink Stripey Vase


A large and striking decorative vase

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