Get Fired Up and Make Your Own

“It’s mesmerising”, “it’s amazing”, “I can’t believe I made that!” Just a few of the comments from our lovely customers who have been joining us in the studio over the last 5 months, for their own hands-on experience of glass blowing.

We’ve welcomed teenagers, couples, mums and dads and grandparents to our studio in South Devon, Diptford where they have been making paperweights, vases, pint and stemless wine glasses, jugs and flowers. Each piece goes home the next day, along with photos and video capturing the experience.

With 1:1 coaching from Izach, each guest has had the chance to select what they want to make, in their own colour palette. Truly working with the material and deciding how far they want to take their design.

With a view to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone that comes along – we are loving being able to share this fantastic and endlessly fascinating craft with a growing number of hot glass fans.

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