Starting Something From Nothing

It takes a lot, a lot of everything.

Yes there are the tangible things – bricks and mortar, equipment and money, but more than that there are the intangibles and over the last 3 months (and 2 years), it’s those hidden things that have made all the difference…

The skills and expertise of everyone who helped build the workshop – where would we be without Mark, Paul, Olly, Chris, Richard, John and a host of others without whom we’d still just be talking about it

The freely given advice and guidance of master craftsmen in the glass blowing community, with special thanks to Richard Glass (yes that’s his real name) for his friendship and ongoing injections of reality and optimism

The massive support of all our family and friends whose words of encouragement boost our confidence on the days when everything goes right and more especially when it all goes wrong – it means more than gold to us

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